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RockShox was founded by Paul Turner in 1989 in Boulder, Colorado, USA. It moved to California four years later when Steve and Deborah Simons bought out Dia Compe.

Turner raced motorcycles in his teens. In 1977, aged 18 he established a company that sold motorcycle components. He later worked for the Honda Motor Company as factory mechanic for their professional motocross team. This put him in contact with designers of suspension systems for motorcycles and other motocross industry people.

Simons is a former motocross rider in his teens and early twenties and entrepreneur. He developed heat sinks for Koni shock absorbers to lower oil temperatures and then in 1974 he designed a shock absorber for the company that became Fox Shox. He then established his own company Dynamic Enterprises which became Simons Inc. developing pneumatic upgrade kits for suspension forks. This led to his own fork design and manufacture. He had two patents on suspension forks, one which, for upside down forks, he licensed to motorcycle and suspension manufacturers.

In the late 1980s Paul began riding mountain bikes and with his motorcycle experience longed for suspension. Paul began developing the first bicycle suspension fork. In 1989 or 1990, Turner approached Simons for help designing a suspension fork for mountain bikes. Turner had in 1987, with the help of Keith Bontrager, presented a full bike with front and rear suspension at the bicycle industry trade show in Long Beach. The industry was not impressed. Two years later Turner and his wife Christi were manufacturing suspension forks in their garage with parts bought from Simons Inc, who later partnered Turner when Steve and his wife, Deborah, mortgaged their home to buy out Dia Compe and move manufacturing to Mt. View, California in 1993. The R&D and Marketing groups remained in Boulder, Co. until moving to Mt. View, Ca in 1994 and then Santa Cruz in 1995. Manufacturing and Engineering move to San Jose, Ca in 1995. They worked with Thomas Dooley at TDA in Boulder, CO who created the current Rock Shox logo, and was the creative director for all marketing and advertising.

Turner brought in Greg Herbold as a test rider and company spokesman. Herbold became the first world champion in downhill mountain biking on one of the first suspension forks for mountain bikes made. In August that year the company manufactured its first 100 suspension forks, the RS-1. The start-up was financed by the East Asian bike component manufacturer Dia-Compe, the founders, and other investors. Dia Compe manufactured the next series of forks but later was bought out by Simons & Turner and disposed of its shares. From then the forks were primarily manufactured at Rock Shox in Mt.View, Ca.

In 1992 Turner & Simons, using the Rock Shox RS-1 design, created a private label fork for Specialized working with Mark Winter. Mark left Specialized a few years later and joining Rock Shox in 1995.

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Rockshox Federgabel SID Selt RL 120mm Tapered 29 Zoll
Rockshox Federgabel SID Selt RL 120mm Tapered...
Mit der RockShox Sidfedergabel bist du allen herasuforderungen gewachsen. Leicht, robust und der beste Partner für deinen Renneinsatz egal ob Crosscountry oder Marathon Technische Details: Modell: SID Select RL 29 Zoll 120 mm Tapered...
499,95 € *
RockShox Monarch Plus Dämpfer RC3 200x57mm
RockShox Monarch Plus Dämpfer RC3 200x57mm
Technische Details: Marke: Sram Einstellbarkeit: 3-Positionen-Druckstufe Ausführung: 200x57 Schaftmaterial: Aluminium Technologien: Rapid Recovery-, High Volume Solo Air Gewicht : 380g Farbe: Schwarz Abbildung ähnlich
349,95 € *
Rockshox Federgabel Judy Silver TK 29 Zoll schwarz
Rockshox Federgabel Judy Silver TK 29 Zoll schwarz
Technische Details: Modell: Judy Silver TK Laufradgröße: 29 Zoll Travel: 100mm Dämpfer Typ: TurnKey Fork offset: 51mm Maxle: Maxle Lite Farbe: Diffusion Black Steerer: Tapered Axle: 15x110mm BOOST™ Axle to Crown: 510 mm Brake type: Disc...
219,95 € *
RockShox Federgabel LYRIK 27,5 Zoll Boost BoXXer red
RockShox Federgabel LYRIK 27,5 Zoll Boost...
Techische Details: Modell: RC2 Laufradgröße: 27,5 Zoll Travel: 180mm Damper Type: Charger 2 RC2 Fork offset: 37mm Maxle entahlten: Maxle Ultimate Farbe: BoXXer Red Schaft: Tapered Achse: 15x110mm BOOST™ Einauhöhe: 572 mm Bremstyp: Disc...
449,95 € *
Rockshox Lyrik Select 29 Zoll 180 mm DebonAir Boost C3
Rockshox Lyrik Select 29 Zoll 180 mm DebonAir...
Technische Details: Modell: Lyrik Select Laufradgröße: 29 Zoll Federweg: 180 mm Dämpfer Typ: Charger RC Fork offset: 51mm Maxle: Maxle Ultimate icluded Farbe: Diffusion Black E-Bike Freigabe: E-bike Approved w/E-MTB Decal Schaft: 1.5"...
499,95 € *
Rockshox Poplock Remote Hebel non adjust rechts
Rockshox Poplock Remote Hebel non adjust rechts
Kontrolle über die Gebael direkt am Lenker Technische Details: Model: Poplock Hersteller: Rockshox Hebelausrichtung: links Version: non adjust Abbildugn Ähnlich
26,95 € *
Rockshox RS-1 ACS Solo AIR X-Loc Remote
Rockshox RS-1 ACS Solo AIR X-Loc Remote
Die Federgabel Rockshox RS-1 ist ein Premiummodell, das fürs Wettkampf- Cross Country bestimmt und gleichzeitig strapazierfähig genug für die Trail-Disziplin ist. Als wahres Technologiepaket profitiert diese Gabel von einem völlig neuem...
549,95 € *
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